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Wacky Packages Minis are hilarious collectibles based on the classic line of stickers by the worlds most prolific maker of trading cards, Topps. Super Impulse unabashedly brings the Wacky Packages to life with its line of molded mini products three dimensional miniatures, featuring the outrageous and hilarious parodies of the everyday products that fill our supermarkets, grocery stores and drug stores. 60 styles, with half based on classic old skool products, and half based on contemporary new school products. Plus 6 rare chase styles featuring glitter molded material. And each package includes a miniature Wacky
Packages sticker a bonus collectible! Plus a Check List.

Collect all 60 Wacky Package Minis, chase all the rare Super Minis, and even collect the mini Wacky Packages stickers!
Each Cup includes: 5 Wacky Package Minis, 1 Mini Sticker, and Check List.

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