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SOFT FOOTBALL - The squeeziest, squish football ever, Diggin's Squish Soft Foam Football for kids combines a soft exterior with enough weight to throw like a real football
EASY GRIP FOOTBALL - Soft football grip makes it easy to hand grip football. Great for throwing football spirals or grabbing passes with a one-handed football grip
INDOOR FOOTBALL - Squishy football is soft enough to play indoor catch on rainy days without breaking things. Or even a game of football indoors if you have the space
KID-SAFE TOY - This super soft kids football is great for young kids who sometimes catch the football with their face instead of their hands
BEGINNER FOOTBALL - Light football weight helps kids get over any fear of catching the football. With this easy football for beginners, everyone can play.KID-SIZE FOOTBALL - This 9" foam football for kids is small enough for younger kids sports ball play, but with just enough weight that you can hurl it a good distance, unlike other kids small footballs.PLAY ANYWHERE - Ideal for backyard football catch games, kids beach football, outdoor park games, touch football, or peewee football practice. Soft football toy for kids ages 3+

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